Friday, June 8, 2012

Every year, poets from all over the world come to Sacramento and lay it all out on the stage for one purpose: winning the King/Queen of the Mic Competition...this year, we plan on having the most intense competition poet will walk away with the coveted Angela Boyce Trophy.....Angela Boyce is responsible for the emergence of SLAM poetry in Sacramento. Angela came here from San Diego and shortly afterward, she suffered a massive stroke. Angela recovered from that stroke, teaching herself how to walk, talk, eat, and spit poetry once again....She then made her way to the national poetry slam, where she placed 5th in the entire nation, representing Sacramento. The next year, Angela linked up with Malikspeaks and was one of the founders of the Mahogany Urban Poetry series, where the first ever Sacramento slam team was created, and traveled to nationals in 2002. Angela moved back to San Diego shortly afterwards,where she passed away. Her legacy is shown each week at Mahogany, which has become the birth place for the most phenomenal poets in Sacramento, and also a stopping point for nationally recognized touring poets. We will be FOREVER in debt to Angela and her contributions, and this small trophy awarding the most excellent poet on the mic is our annual tribute to her. We can still hear her yelling and screaming frantically, encouraging us to leave it all out there on the mic and stage.


poets who have signed up so far:

NerCity (Oakland)
D'Dra (Oakland)
Chas (Oakland)
Queen D (Sac/Oakland)
Joshua Merchant (Oakland)
Prentice (Oakland)
Imani Cezanne (San Diego)
The Saint (Stockton)
David Scott (Sacramento)
The Poet -i- (Sacramento-Oakland)
Dre-T (SAYS)
Ronnee Larae (SAYS)

The crowd is the judge for this competition...that means that YOU are in charge!! 3 rounds....after each round, someone gets kicked off of the's the MOST exciting event of the year!!

8pm doors open....admission is only $10 in advance.(price likely will go up at the door)

We will also have a feature set by Baltimore poet Marc Marcel....